TriUtah Jordenelle Triathlon

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Well I competed in the Jordanelle Triathlon at Jordanelle Reservior yesterday. I am a finisher of the Men's Olympic Distance Triathlon (I intentionally stated that as the accomplishment that it is). This is a wonderful triathlon. The venue was set at the Rock Cliff area of Jordanelle Reservoir. This is a fairly remote venue set into a small canyon setting at the end of an arm of the reservoir. The venue was beautiful. The occasional moose and rattle snake warning signs, though a bit concerning, were easily forgotten by the beauty of the wilderness area. TriUtah Jordenelle Triathlon

TriUtah Jordenelle Triathlon
The swim was difficult though not unbareable. The arm of the reservoir provided little room for the swim. It seemed crowded and the water was fairly rough; but I enjoyed the swim. The water was warm enough that a wetsuit was not necessary. The swim started in waves. The Men's sprint started first and about three minutes later the women's sprint started. Then the men's olympic went next followed by the women. Shortly after my group started I was kicked in the face by another swimmer. My goggles were kicked up onto my forehead and I had to stop twice to fix my goggles. I would have kept swimming, but I wear contacts and need the goggles to keep my contacts in my eyes.

Okay I have to admit that I have trouble with anxiety. I have far less trouble with anxiety now thanks to modern medicine, but I must admit being kicked in the face for the first time really did catch me off gaurd. The time taken to reseal my goggles was time I needed to mentally get my anxiety back into control. I am proud of myself for regaining my composure quickly and getting on with the swim. This whole experience was a bit funny. While I stopped to adjust my goggles for the second time I was afloat and talking out loud. I was having a little pep-talk telling myself that life was good, that I was safe, and that I was going to conquer this swim today. Then another swimmer came along side me, stopped and asked me what I was doing. I told him and we swam both continued swimming.

I was swimming and I was noticing that the sprinters were having trouble. I realize that the more experienced sprinters were long gone. I was swimming over top of many people. It was comical. People in front of me were swimming every direction except for straight. I was hitting people who were floating on their backs, taking a break and swimming freestyle. I passed many and most were sprinters.

Here it is, the part where I take responsibility for my mistakes in the swim. I noticed I stopped too many times to see where other participants were. I was too concerned about not running into people. I should have put my head down and swam over and around them. But I was too consumed with staying out of the way. I lost a lot of time using this strategy. I probably would have been about ten minutes ahead, had I not been so pensive.

The next mistake I made was improper placement at the start of the swim. The swim started and I noticed that I was running into people's feet. Had I positioned myself a little bit more aggressively I would have been less bothered and slowed by the slower athletes.

The third mistake that I made was not clearing my mind enough. Just after the start I was kicked in the face and my thoughts and anxiety built up. I was breathing too deeply and about half way through the swim I grew tired and my neck began hurting. The muscle that runs from the top of my neck down the side and around the front was hurting almost three quaters of the swim leg. I think all of this was due to breathing to deeply. The anxiety was present but more experience will solve all these problems.

This leads to my last mistake. I arrived at the swim start about ten minutes before the start of the swim. I should have given myself about twenty extra minutes. The ten minutes I allowed myself was only enough time to get my wetsuit on and get into the water. I should have had another twenty minutes warming up in the water. This would have allowed me to get acclimated with the water, warm up my lungs, get into a nice comfortable stroke. This would have given me more confidence on the swim. I think I would have delt better with the crowding, with my anxiety, with my bearthing, and most improtantly with my speed. Of all the things that went wrong in this swim, I still count it a success because I know what I did wrong, how to fix it, and I still did pretty good considering.

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