Heel Lifts to Your Health

I have recently been suffering with shin splints. When I run, my Achilles tendon gets wound up like a tight rubber band. It gets so tight that it feels like it is going to snap in two. At the same time my calf muscle gets so pumped that it feels ready to explode. This pain in the back of my leg is transferred to the front of my leg in the form of shin splints.

While running, about four miles into a workout, my lower leg becomes weak. At least it feels weak. At times it feels like my leg will collapse from the back of my ankle forward. This has been a very concerning feeling.

My coach, Mr. Heath Thurston The Incredible (http://www.httraining.com/), took me down to The Salt Lake Running Company (http://www.saltlakerunningco.com/) to speak the owner about my problem. Guy, the owner, put me on a treadmill and videotaped me running. He then played the video back in slow-motion. Looking at my stride he told me that my heal was striking and sinking to far into my shoe. This was creating the tension in my tendon and calf muscle. Additionally, the way my foot was striking was creating vibration and stress that travels up my leg giving me shin splints.

Guy told me to make a heel lift. I purchased a quarter inch thick cork sheet. I cut a piece of cork that would fit under my insole to lift my heal up. This would help push my body position forward, facilitating a correct stride and eliminating my heel strike. I ran yesterday with my heel lifts and the run felt great. I still have shin pain because it will take time to heal my shin splints. However, the tension in my Achilles tendon and calf muscle were gone. Today I am not suffering the after affects of the run workouts that I would have normally experienced. It will still take some time, but I feel like this SIMPLE device solved my problem.
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