The Week Before Ironman Oceanside

My workouts have been grueling in the week leading up to Ironman Oceanside. Last Tuesday I hade two run workouts. My AM run was 6 miles. I took my lab with me. About one mile into the run the wind kicked up. About three miles into my run I turned around to come home. A torrent of wind kicked up and remained through the rest of my workout. There was horizontal hail slamming me directly into my face. The hail was freezing on my legs and body. My lab was covered in ice. The ice and blizzard like snow was sliding down into my gore-tex running shoes.

It was a good thought, but so much for the idea of water proof running shoes. Normally my gore-tex running shoes work great and keep my feet warm. But I ran back with ICE cold water filled shoes. I will tell you a warm shower was a welcome thought, until I stepped into it. The hot water stung as it hit my skin. I had to turn the water to COLD and heat up my body with the water. I suffer and endure a bit, in the name of fitness goals that I set for myself. I have to tell you I really think my lab thought that all the weather was really cool. I am still not sure he knew he was supposed to me miserable. My PM run was another fie miles. These five were much more enjoyable.

All in all my workouts for the week consisted of 3 miles of swimming, 95 miles of biking, 36 miles of running, and 1 hour of lifting weights. I wish my swim and bike workouts could have been more productive. But the week was fairly productive. Here is the clincher. After doing all that exercise I did not lose a single pound. But I still think the weight loss is coming.
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